Clinical Elective, Internships and Volunteering in Nepal at all Times
Slogan: Training, Adventure, Nature and Culture

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German Nepal Medical/Educational Cooperation: The organization of this project is in the hands of the Nepalese Doc Madan Poudel (picture). This project is international, everyone can take part! You'll be able to get to know the Nepali country and its people and have adventure experiences and fun together. But the basic idea of the organizer is the hope of lasting support of colleagues to take medical responsibility in Nepal after their study and build a bridge between two completely different cultures.
Additionally, there is the opportunity for different internships and volunteering, for example in Nepali schools.

Since 2004,
Madan organizes regularly clinical electives, internships and volunteering abroad, so he is very experienced in this field. Madan's Nepal initiative is very popular with medical students and extremely successful. The average participation is about 20-30 students per trip. After 4 weeks of clinigal elective in different hospitals in Kathmandu and Pokhara, or joining various internships, the students have the possibility to get to know the "real" Nepal by different trekking tours and other touristic activities like rafting, safari tours and cultural trips in the Kathmandu vally.
Madan's brother Sushil supports and accompanies the students in Nepal. He is a very nice guy and knows English and German very well. He is the owner of a bilingual (german/english)  [Trekking Agency]
(Welcometreks) in Pokhara and he offers several travel packages (trekking tours and other free time activities).

Accommodation in Pokhara [ABC-Hotel] Uncle Hari

[Trekking Agency] (Welcometreks, Sushil Poudel)
Foreign Students Placement Project (Practical work in Hospital/School/Organization, Volunteering)

Pokhara Office                                                    Foreign Office
Lakeside, Pokhara-6, Nepal                            ULM, Germany
Phone: 00977-9746004305                                                        
[E-mail]                                                                  [E-mail]


Notice: If you consider to go trekking, you often get unexpected problems such as sickness, accomadation, weather, strikes and organisation. For your own safety it is better an experienced, responsable and helpful local guide accompanies the trekking group, a friendly guy like Purna. He is a licensed Trekking Guide and we can recommend Purna warmly.
[homepage Purna]
Purna Thapamagar, licensed Trekking Guide

Purna offers a new trekking route:
[Dolakha] an untouched and hidden mountain tourism destination


You can get any kind of information about the clinical elective, internships and volunteering directly from  Madan Poudel (mailto, German or English) or in the [studiverzeichnis] too.  Madan Poudel Studiverzeichnis "Mediziner in/aus/nach Nepal"

register soon! - clinical elective, internships and volunteering in Nepal 2017/2018 - register soon!

Some clinical elective reports in German:
Amppipal (visiting the hospital 9.-10. September 2004)
Fewa City Hospital (four weeks medical elective in Pokhara, 2004)

[Report 2005] (Christine Vetter: motivation, preparation, hospital, costs, security)
[Report 2005] (Susann Fraessdorf)

Report 2006 (Daniela Daser, Kanti Children’s Hospital Kathmandu)

[Famulatur und Patient in Nepal, 2007] (Tobias Walter) 

A clinical elective is also possible by [Nepalmed] (mailto Nepalmed) in [Kathmandu Model Hospital] or in [Amp-Pipal]. The way to Amppipal (Amp Pipal) is not easy to find, persons who consider to do a internship in Amppipal should better take a Guide. Purna has already been in  Amppipal and therefore he knows the way. First you have to take the bus till Turture (between Dumre and Besisahar) and from there, you have to walk in 3-4 hours up to the hospital.
[homepage Purna]
Purna Thapamagar, licensed Trekking Guide

Picture: Nepal 2007, Mama, Lena, Sushil
[Trekking Agency]
(Welcometreks, Sushil Poudel)

Notice: Lena's travel diary, Nepal 2007 (in German)
Accommodation in Pokhara [ABC-Hotel]

Please notice: I marked all external links with square brackets such as  [Nepalmed]


Madan receives DAAD award 2005!
Madan Poudel received the award of the
"Best international student in 2005"

This award has been given by the University of Ulm from prize
money by the "German Academic Exchange Service" (DAAD)
in Bonn/Germany.

The award is based on his good study results in combination with a
multitude of services for fellow students. Mister Poudel has been
organizing electives for human medicine students in his home country
Nepal for several years as well as internships for students of
highschool education. Mister Poudel's social engagement for the poor
population in rural areas of Nepal is also outlined.


Clinical elective/internship 2007
For the Nepal trip in March 2007, 11 students have registered and for August there are even more interested.
In July/August 2007 fly 22 students to Nepal.


Clinical elective/internship 2008
Between January and April 38 Students!!  are in small groups on the way to Nepal.
For summer 36 Students have already registered for clinical elective and internships in Nepal!

Clinical elective/internship 2009
In March 13 students joining Nepal. They stay in hospitals in Kathmandu and Pokhara. One student stays together with her child in uncle Haris hotel in Pokhara.
The summer journey is overcrowded, neverthenless try to register!


[Trekking Agency] (Welcometreks, Sushil Poudel)


Please register as soon as possible for 2017/2018
Madan Poudel

updated: January 2017